Joe Gonzalez created Creative Minds Worldwide (CMW) to help businesses grow. (CMW) is a U.S. based Production firm that specializes in TV Development, TV Production, Web Development, Social Media, SEO, Marketing, High End Graphics, for major corporations of all calibers and levels: locally, nationally and internationally. We have been creating content for over 15 years. During that time, we’ve seen the benefits of our quality work played out in the experience of the brands and businesses we’ve worked with. Our mission is to help promote your business and increase sales through a time-tested and well-proven design process that combines innovative strategic marketing, innovative design and technical expertise. We recognize that great design is a process–not an artistic endeavor and our method to building a functional, impressive, sales generating product is the result of hours of discovery, research, marketing consulting and visual direction.

CMW also takes pride in offering video and music production that can further enhance any company’s online image and branding experience. With thousands of customers and partnerships with leading Fortune 500 companies, many businesses feel confident trusting their creative and online business needs to CMW’s design & production team.

CMW offers a wide range of services including TV Development, TV Production & Editing, Luxury Graphic Design, Luxury Website Design & Development, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, and Music Production. CMW has created content for various companies and brands.


CMW’s Joe Gonzalez is a commercial producer, director, designer, musician, and developer. He has worked with Gameshow Network, Steven Spielberg, MTV, Sony Music, Univision, EMI, UMG, Apple, Macy’s, Lancome, Heineken, Bacardi, MetroPCS, For Eyes, Pepsi, and many other major brands. He has designed for celebrities the Kardashians, RuPaul, Rebecca Romijn, Don Faison, Jerry Springer, Mario Lopez, Will IAM, Cesar Milan, Latoya Jackson, Vivica Fox, Christopher McDonald, Robin Meade, Gillis Marini, Jenny McCarthy, Bret Michaels, Rosa Mendez, Alfonso Rabeiro, and more.




Angelique Millis is a Health, Fitness & Lifestyle writer whose work has been featured in Physique Magazine, Sports Nutrition Insider, Shape Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine, Fitness Magazine and more. She is also author of “The Fit Success Lifestyle Program- a Fitness Plan to transform your Body & your Life”.

Angelique is firmly dedicated to helping others improve their lives and because leading a fit lifestyle often involves a degree of sacrifice and discipline that many struggle with, she aims to create empowering content geared towards “fitness beginners” that can both inspire and guide readers as they embark or re-embark on their fitness journey.

She has also developed content for over 100 health & fitness videos and articles for Demand Media (Livestrong.com, Ehow.com) and has recently worked on projects for NBC Universal & E! Entertainment.

Together, Angelique and Joe are currently connecting with more celebrities and musicians, and businesses in helping humanity change for the better!