Hire CMW to build your badass new website with our team of WordPress and Magento CMS specialists. Then sit back and watch the cash poor in.


If you know you want to build a website using WordPress or Magento, CMW can help. We have built over 50 WordPress/Magento websites in the last year alone and would be happy to create one that represents your corporate identity. We are also happy to help you with your existing website programming needs or you can employ one of our seasoned developers to help you bring your website to a place you are proud of. Whether you need a new website or are looking to get some outside help on your WordPress or Magento, we are your ideal team.

Start with a Template- New Websites

For our clients who are looking to build a new website, we suggest that they either find a pre-constructed template or allow us to present them some template options based on their needs. When building new websites, we only work with templates for a number of reasons:

  • Templates have been designed by professionals with user experience and heat mapping principles built right into them.
  • Templates cut down on delivery times where custom-builds can take months.
  • Templates are cheaper, meaning the client has more money left over to spend on more important things like our awesome SEO consulting services.
  • Templates can be customized with all of your content, pictures, color schemes and content anyway.

During your project you will have direct contact with a project manager who will help guide you along the process. You will be able to provide input and communicate with a live person who can address your every concern.

Contract a WordPress or Magento Website Developer

Let’s say you already have a WordPress or Magento website but don’t know how to make changes to it or just plain don’t want to. That’s where we come in. Contact us to go over your goals and we can provide you with a quote based on your project or hourly needs. Our WordPress and Magneto developers can help you to change images, change color schemes, insert logos, links, pictures or videos, implement WordPress Plugins or Magneto Extensions, or fix potential problems that have been holding you back from success.

Our contract developers also come with a project manager to help you navigate through the process of creating your ideal website.


We don’t like to waste time with the fluff. Here is what you can generally expect to pay if you want to work with us:

Website Creation: Creating a new website from a template generally starts at $3,500. These prices vary with the scale and grandeur of your desired end-project.

Contract a Developer: If you want to use one of our website developers to help you with your existing website you can expect this to run you about $75-100/hour. We also can do project-based pricing in the event you think hourly is not the best option for you.

Get Started Today

If you want to get some help getting up a badass website without all the hassle of worrying about the end-result, templated websites like WordPress or Magento are the way to go. Contact CMW today to learn more about how we can help you help you realize your full potential.