Joe Gonzalez has developed a media buying campaign formed on a foundation of a companie’s sales objectives and research, the goal is put into action.  Based on market conditions and clients goals we determine how to purchase the most efficient media buy for any company.  My media buys use a combination of buying tactics that include upfront, scatter and remnant.

After constructing and negotiating our client’s media plan, Joe diligently measures and optimizes the media buy using performance data to quantify current media effectiveness and provide straightforward insight into how our clients can significantly improve their CPA.

Joe provides media planning and media buying services for the following media channels:

  • Television
    • National and local cable TV for the U.S. & Canada
    • National and local broadcast TV for the U.S. & Canada
    • Network integrations and sponsorships
  • Radio
    • Network radio
    • Local radio
    • Sponsorships and endorsements
  • Print/OOH
    • Print
    • Newspaper
    • Outdoor

48 Targeted Networks



We know your branding needs are different than your competition.  That’s why each of our clients get customized Media Buying solutions.

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