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Ethical search engine optimization that involves go-to industry tactics such as on and off page optimization, keyword research, link building and content development. Add this to our special blend of creative marketing tactics and we’ll have you elevated in no time.

White hat isn’t just a name we made up to sound pure and classy; although we are both. Working with a “white hat” SEO company means that ethics will be the foundation of the efforts. Google has said that white hat SEO “improves the usability of a site, helps create great content, or make sites faster, which is good for both users and search engines. Given that Google is still the most commonly used and most central authority by which we measure our efforts, we pay attention to their advice. Below are the techniques we use to build your white hat SEO campaigns.

Activate Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is the first step to your SEO campaign. We do this to measure where your site is at currently and utilize this baseline data to form the plan for the future. A wise man once said you can’t understand the present without knowing the past. These reports allow us to monitor your website’s vital signs and help to convert your traffic into a money generating machine.

Website Audit

Digging deep into the structure of your website will tell us if there are problems that can be resolved so that future efforts will have the best foundation in which to work. This is a technical analysis of things like search engine indexability, site speed, on-page optimization factors, URL structure, duplicate content, image alt descriptions, canonicalization issues, site health and more.

Keyword Research

At the end of the day search engine users are still typing words or phrases into the search boxes to find companies like yours. Identifying what keywords and keyword phrases people are using will help us to target the consumers that you wish to attract. Every person may use a different phrase to search for just one of your services. This is why keyword research is so important- it, along with a content strategy, helps to target the widest set of searchers and direct them to your website.

Content Development

Above, Google said that “White hat SEO helps sites to create great content.” To CMW, there is a difference in creating great content and creating content for the sake of creating content. Before we create or recommend any piece of content (written, graphic, video, audio, etc), we first ask “Will this content truly benefit your target audience?” If the answer is yes, then we set out to help you create what is the most informative, entertaining, compelling, insightful content of its kind on the web.


With the exception of uncompetitive markets, the above factors alone will likely not propel you to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is why linkbuilding has, and will continue to be, an important strategy in the success of your business. We will look to your competitors links as well as additional unique opportunities that will help to get you links from relevant, high quality, authoritative websites.

 Ongoing SEO

Like a body builder’s well-sculpted physique, effective SEO takes ongoing maintenance, updating, concentrated efforts and attention to search engine algorithm updates. Wait?! Body builders pay attention to search engines too? An ongoing content strategy as well as a concentration on

[website] user experience will play a vital role in maintaining and improving rankings. This coupled with consistent linkbuilding, competitive analysis,conversions, rankings, leads and traffic will round out most of the ongoing strategy. The idea is to continually improve your website and use your analytics data to make improvements where possible.

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