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Today’s business owners and entrepreneurs live in a face-paced world faced with the challenges of mulit-tasking and reaching goals.  At CMW, we understand that most business owners are busy working and need trustworthy partners they can rely on to make their businesses hum.

We have set out to be this partner in the online marketing sphere for small-to-medium-sized business.

If you are passionate about what you do and have a competitive spirit that fuels your success, we seek your partnership. Today’s small to medium sized business must love challenges and look forward to working towards solving problems that get in the way of their success.

As your business consulting partners, we wish to learn the ins and outs of your business, what you and your customers really care about, and how to make everyone happy. When this is related to your website and online marketing efforts, we need to look at how the small picture fits into the big. This is why we are a goal-oriented consulting firm and align our efforts with your goals.

Advice, Counsel & Opinion

Sometimes a business is not in need of direct technical support as much as they need some direction or advice that comes from a place of experience or empirical research. Our SEO consulting delivers this type of consulting and allows you, the business owner, to determine how much guidance or calculated advice you really need. Our promise to you is to always try to make judgments that are based on what we think is best for your business.

Our methods are based off of research, industry standards, search engine ranking factors, user experience and science. We can adapt to meet your standard of what a good consultant should be and hold strong communication in a high regard.

Your Relationship with Us

Like us, CMW clients are affected by how much money they bring in and how much money they put out. Rather than basing your success on website traffic or rankings alone, we believe that return on investment should be the real standard.

We don’t require long-term contracts but we believe in long-term relationships. That said, we allow our clients to work with us as long as they please with the hope that they will see the value in the relationship as much as we value their business. Search engine marketing is not an overnight business and our clients understand the investment of an online marketing campaign takes time. As there are no short-cuts in search engine optimization, we enjoy working with clients that understand the process can take a few months before real financial impact is made.

If you like the idea of working with a consulting firm with the above principles, contact us today.