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In our world content is king and we have some of the most esteemed professional SEO copywriters on staff to prove it. Order a few well-optimized articles or let us plan your entire content strategy.

CMW creates professional, high quality content that will exceed your expectations. We firmly believe that if it’s worth writing, it’s worth writing well. That is why our SEO copywriters have been trained to write content for the sake of inciting interest, education, entertainment and sharing amongst other objectives. As we said before, we don’t think content should be created just for the sake of creating content. We believe it should serve a purpose that is takes into account the following:

Content Considerations

  •          Length
  •          Purpose
  •          Audience
  •          Tone
  •          Sharing
  •          Keywords
  •          Links

A Focus on User Experience

One of the many things we ask ourselves before beginning any new content project is “What will provide the readers of this content the most benefit?” Once we address the answer to that question we then begin to formulate content that represents this idea of providing the reader the best experience possible. If your website visitors find that your content is indeed compelling, insightful, engaging and generally awesome, there is a good chance they will share it with others. This could mean natural links to your site, social sharing, or a referral to use your services. This is what we mean when we say “We don’t just write for the sake of writing.”

Our Promise to You

Our content is 100% original and will be based on the goals that you set forth. We only use empirical data (where necessary) and engaging text to help you reach the goals of your audience whether they be to entertain, educate, inform, provide an argument, be dry, funny, or present a formal or informal approach. We also promise to analyze the content of your competitors (when possible) and strive to make your content more detailed, well-written, and engaging. We can do all of this within a quick turn-around time of two weeks or less.

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