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Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Hire us for affordable, high quality guest blog posts that can be turned around in four weeks and are guaranteed. No minimum orders and agency pricing available.

  • 4 week turnaround time
  • Quality blogs with real users
  • Native English writing team
  • Authoritative domains
  • Agency service options and discounts

Guest Posts available at $100 per post. Agency pricing available as well. Contact us for more information.


Can I proof the articles before they go live on the blog sites?

We find that adding an additional pre-approval process delays our progress. We only hire native English-speaking writers from the US and UK and these writers have never received a compliant regarding their quality. Because we spend such a great deal of time researching and writing high quality content we have made the process of getting our posts approved much more streamlined than many of our competitors..

If you plan on placing a large order or think you will be utilizing our guest posting services on a recurring basis, please let us know in advance of placing your order and we can work with you regarding a pre-approval process.

Can you guarantee link placement within the guest post?

The blog owners are generally the ones who dictate where links can be placed. In our experience we find that these owners have preset rules that determine the placement of your anchor text. If we want to be featured on their blogs, we have to play by their rules and cannot guarantee placement of links within the blog posts.

When possible we will always try to get the anchor text in the body of the article. If the blog owner opposes this, we will include it in the author bio.

Can I request that the author bio state you are not affiliated with my company?

Yes. If you want the author bio to mention that the guest blog writer is not affiliated with your company please make this request before placing your order. We observe the right to not make changes after the order has been placed.

Are the blogs posted exclusively in my niche?

We have found that blog posts centered around topical relevancy can be equally or more beneficial to your link campaign as a link that remains exclusively in one niche. For example, a link about landscape photographs should only be posted on landscape photography sites. We find this is a dated approach.

If the link can benefit the end user and provides significant relevance to the target audience of the client page then we think notions of absolute relevancy need not apply. This consideration is weighed heavily in the guest blog selection and value-add the post and link will have to the user and the client’s link.


  1. A camera store may receive a guest post on a design tutorial blog with the headline: “5 ways to capture outdoor lighting.”
  2. A real estate site may receive a guest post on a lending services blog with the headline: “How to capture the best interest rates.”
  3. A medical doctor’s site may receive a guest post on a small business blog with the headline: “Everything you need to know about the upcoming changes in healthcare.”

When choosing the guest blog sites for your posts we always consider the end user and determine how they will benefit from the link. We find that this approach makes the search engines happy as well as the people who could be clicking on your links and landing on your website.

What happens if I want to change anchors/links after my posts go live?

Once a post goes live it is very difficult to get anchor text changed. As we are not the owners of the sites that we guest post on, this may only be possible in rare situations where the owners allow it.

What happens if the site my guest post is on experiences a PageRank drop?

This type of occurrence is unlikely because we always make sure that the posts go on high quality, reputable websites. The websites that we seek relationships with are typically only growing with each passing day, so for them to experience a PageRank drop would be rare. If this does happen shortly after you have received your guest post please let us know.

Can you ensure the links will all be dofollow?

Google themselves and other highly reputable SEO news sites like SEOMoz have stated that having a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links is a natural link profile. We agree and think that having both dofollow and nofollow links helps to ensure a healthy link building campaign. While the majority of our guest blogging posts will provide dofollow anchor text, a small number may be nofollow. It is rare that any credible website has nothing but dofollow links, but we always try our best to get these for you.

How do I know that my site will not be associated with spam?

We fully understand the implications of spammy link building techniques and pay attention to all the news and information coming out about algorithms. As our emphasis is on quality writing, guest blog sites and user experience, we always make sure that there is no possible way that your links could be perceived as spam or that they would hinder your ability to rank.

Do bulk orders offer substantial savings?

Yes. We can work with you on pricing for recurring and bulk orders. If you would like to place a bulk order or set up a recurring guest posting campaign, please contact us for more information on pricing.

What is the minimum order?

There is none! You can order as few guest posts as you need, unlike our competitors.

How can you guarantee the 4-week delivery time?

We have a dedicated team of writers and SEOs who will only accept orders if we know we can make the deadline. Through effective management we are always able to successfully stay on-time and on-task.