That’s right, we offer pricing options. Like a girl in a closet full of designer shoes or a third-grader with a free pass in the cereal aisle; it’s good to have options.

According to a reputable study we found that analyzed the pricing models of SEO companies around the world, we extrapolated that different clients require different pricing structures and different pricing strategies for that matter.

Because we like data so much and because it can tell a story in its own accord, we used this study to establish our pricing models. Go ahead, look for yourself. SEO Pricing Study

Here is what we took away

Clients like options so we give you some:

Pricing by Project- Project pricing refers to a price structure that is based on a project that has a specific beginning and end. In other words there are clearly communicated expectations and goals established by the client and we will price our project accordingly to reach those goals. Pricing by Project can lump numerous different SEO services together with the end result of accomplishing exactly what the client needs. Estimated times of completion shall also be provided and communicated as well.
Clients can expect prices for projects to start in the $1,000 range.

Monthly Retainer- A monthly reoccurring retainer is one of the most common pricing methods as most clients understand that many SEO campaigns take consistent and constant updating, tweaking, analyzing and improvement. Like all things in the marketing world staying in front of your audience remains a constant goal.
Clients can expect these campaigns to run from $500/month to $5,000/month.

Hourly Consulting- Consulting refers to the communication lines between client and SEO. Consulting often also consists of research, fact finding, competitive analysis, and other valuable data a client can used once presented. These services tend to be less hands-on and more directive in nature. For example, a consultation may tell the best strategies to improve conversions on your website as opposed to actually designing the website ourselves. According the study we are citing, SEOs charge an average of $76-200/hour. We want to make nice with you so we offer a price that works for everyone.
Hourly consultations are $100/hour.

Why Do Our Prices Vary?

It is important to understand that not every SEO and Internet marketing strategy will require the same dedication and hard work to garner results. This is why our pricing structure is dependent upon factors such as:

  • Your goals
  • Your time constraints
  • The size of your website is
  • How competitive your target market is (most important)

For example, trying to rank on the first page for “cheap flights” would take much more effort than “palm tree sales Alaska.”

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